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Karma Yoga, Bloomfield Hills
Karma Yoga, Bloomfield Hills - Photo by David Lewinski Photography | Show Photo


OakGreen -
Oakland County is building strong communities by encouraging economic growth and environmental stewardship though OakGreen. This initiative promotes reducing energy consumption to meet the  "Triple Bottom Line:"  Money saved = economic bottom line;  Cleaner Air = environmental bottom line; and Stronger Economy = community bottom line.

OakGreen Features

Guest Blogger: Tom Woiwode

Metro Detroit is inching ever closer to being criss-crossed not just by roads, but a network of trails, or greenways. The Community Foundation of Southeast Michigan has made over 150 grants to this end. Greenways Initiative Director Tom Woiwode maps out the where and why of this greenway network.

Clearing the Trail For More Talent

The Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund has been a big supporter of trail development projects in southeast Michigan, awarding over half of its municipal grant funding to the cause. These trails, many converted from old railways, connect downtowns with parks and recreation. The benefits aren't just health and recreation-wise, they're also economic, paving the way to attracting new residents. 

Plymouth Technology gives back with internships

Plymouth Technology specializes in helping industrial manufacturers clean up their water, but also helps college students working towards careers in the manufacturing industry get real world work experience and also find out if this is really the right industry for them. 

Daylighting the Clinton River

Few people realize it, but there is a river running through downtown Pontiac - or at least there was. For years the idea of daylighting the Clinton River in downtown Pontiac has been kicked around. Here Matthew Lewis and Oren Goldenberg explore the possibilities that daylighting could bring to Pontiac. 

Photo Essay: Searching for Stoneflies on the Clinton River

What is a stonefly? Why are people tromping around the Clinton River in the dead of winter counting them? Metromode's intrepid photographer Dave Lewinski lets you in on the answers to these questions from the comfort of your warm cozy homes. (Hint: It has a lot to do with the health of our waterways.)
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OakGreen Videos

Featured Video: Oakland County International Airport goes green

Oakland County International Airport is now home to Michigan's first LEED-certified green airport terminal. A living wall of tropical plants clean the air; while charging stations power up electric vehicles. This new terminal is leading the nation in environmental aviation design.

Featured Video: NO HAZ

Several communities in Oakland County have come together to provide residents a safe and environmentally responsible way to dispose of Household Hazardous Waste (HHW). These communities form the North Oakland Household Hazardous Waste Consortium (NO HAZ). The NO HAZ Consortium's goal is to provide regular, reliable and easily accessible HHW collection services to its residents.

Featured Video: Earth Day Festival

In honor of Earth Day here's a video recap of the Earth Day Festival in Rochester. You'll see that being green is not only helpful but fun. And remember, Earth Day shouldn't just be one day a year ... it should be every day of the year.

Featured Video: NO Haz in Oakland County

Prosper drops in on a NO Haz pick-up event, where the North Oakland Household Hazardous Waste Consortium was there to take your hazardous materials off your hands. A heads up: There's another event coming up Oct. 17 at the Orion Commerce Center.

Featured Video: The Night Move

Where there's a need, innovation and entrepreneurship step in. Chris Ramos bought a bus to shuttle Metro Detroit's young professionals into downtown for events. Then he bought another. And another. Now, the carbon-neutral owner of The Night Move has 8 employees, a growing clientele, and high hopes for the region's future.
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