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Waterford Township is located in the geographic center of Oakland County and is home to the Oakland County International Airport. Encompassing 35 square miles, Waterford has more than 73,000 residents with access to 34 lakes, two state parks and 14 township parks. Waterford is a "lakeland paradise," with a plethora of options for outdoor recreational activities year-round. 


May 1 feature

County seeks input on how $5 million should be spent on housing, community development

County residents who want a say on how $5 million annually should be spent for various housing and community development projects including neighborhood improvements or home foreclosure prevention will get three chances to be heard.

Sutton's Costumes and Tuxedos

Waterford Boo-tique, Sutton's Costumes and Tuxedos, Fulfills All Your Costume Needs All Year Long

Who among us hasn't gone to Spirit Halloween or Party City to look for a costume and just ended up disappointed by how cheap and shoddy they all look? Sutton's is a sacred place for people who care about their costumes and don't want to end up with yet another pre-packaged, mass-produced, cheap-looking superhero getup.


He knows what scares you: A Q&A with filmmaker and MPI founder Doug Schulze

Doug Schulze is dedicated to making movies in the Mitten. As the founder of the Motion Picture Institute he helps to train aspiring filmmakers for an industry that's just starting to take hold in the state. As a filmmaker he has found success with indie horrors. Schulze's latest project goes below the surface of Michigan's Great Lakes… in the dead of winter.

St. Jude Trike-A-Thon

Creating a New Paradigm

Michele Cadaret and her sister Angela Jones were both teachers when they started having kids and went searching for adequate childcare. They noticed that nothing they found was up to the standards that they wanted for their own children, and that's how Paradigm Care & Enrichment Center in Waterford first started 10 years ago.

Total Door

Total Door Systems is a World Leader in Manufacturing in Oakland County

Total Door is the only total door system in the world. It is the last American-made door company and 99% of the materials they use are American-made, with 90% being made right here in Michigan.
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