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Sailing in Waterford
Sailing in Waterford
Waterford Township is located in the geographic center of Oakland County and is home to the Oakland County International Airport. Encompassing 35 square miles, Waterford has more than 73,000 residents with access to 34 lakes, two state parks and 14 township parks. Waterford is a "lakeland paradise," with a plethora of options for outdoor recreational activities year-round. 

Waterford Features

Creating a New Paradigm

Michele Cadaret and her sister Angela Jones were both teachers when they started having kids and went searching for adequate childcare. They noticed that nothing they found was up to the standards that they wanted for their own children, and that's how Paradigm Care & Enrichment Center in Waterford first started 10 years ago.

Total Door Systems is a World Leader in Manufacturing in Oakland County

Total Door is the only total door system in the world. It is the last American-made door company and 99% of the materials they use are American-made, with 90% being made right here in Michigan.

Building a World of Glass

From restoration to creation to innovation, Rocky Martina's life is centered around glass. If you've been to the Fox Theatre, you've seen his stained glass work. And like many self-made entrepreneurs, this Oakland County artisan is expanding his interests by helping to launch a new masonry coating start-up.

Oakland County Business Center and Sandler Training to offer ExecDirect business growth coaching

Oakland County's One Stop Shop Business Center introduces ExecDirect - Business Coaching for the C-Suite, a 10-week training program which partners with nationally known Sandler Training and is designed to help second-stage companies grow and succeed.

The Ballad of Ballard International

Ballard International is an asset service and solutions company based in Waterford. The company has three distinct facets of operation, and most recently acquired a dying business and turned it into a profitable one after only eight months. What started for Justin Ballard in college as a side gig to help pay the bills has become a successful small business with unlimited growth opportunity. 
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