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Pontiac Osteopathic Hospital - Pontiac
Pontiac Osteopathic Hospital - Pontiac - Dave Krieger | Show Photo


Pontiac is a city in its own right, with a downtown to match. Live music venues, unique restaurants, off-the-hook clubs, avant-garde galleries? Check, check, check, check. Plus, there is quality historic housing stock that is actually affordable.

Pontiac Features

Daylighting the Clinton River

Few people realize it, but there is a river running through downtown Pontiac - or at least there was. For years the idea of daylighting the Clinton River in downtown Pontiac has been kicked around. Here Matthew Lewis and Oren Goldenberg explore the possibilities that daylighting could bring to Pontiac. 

From a dying landmark to live music, the Crofoot rocks Downtown Pontiac

Both the building at 1 S. Saginaw in Pontiac and the McGowan family have deep ties to Michigan history. Through their redevelopment of the Crofoot building from abandoned office space to a ballroom, the family proved that the recipe for downtown revitalization is one part historic preservation, one part innovation, and a dash of rock 'n roll.

Urban strategizing in Pontiac

The Downtown Pontiac Transportation Assessment is trying to undo the disconnect created by Pontiac's 1960s-era Woodward Loop, which bypassed the city's core and, effectively, kept people out of the loop with downtown goings-on. Will the plan succeed? Renowned urban strategist Thomas Jost thinks so.

From Dining Room to Downtown: Future Help Designs

With its low barrier to entry and seemingly endless demand for new product, the phone app market is inspiring a tsunami of start-ups. That wave has struck downtown Pontiac, with Future Help Designs not only making the city its home but establishing an incubator for like-minded efforts.

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