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Auburn Hills


Green Electrical Supply

Green Electrical Supply takes the mystery out of energy efficient technology

Rich Osterhout opened Green Electrical Supply in Auburn Hills in 2007. The company specializes in energy efficient electrical products, customer education, and high quality customer service. 

Elizabeth Garlow

More than just profit: Social entrepreneurs and the challenge to find investors

Some people want to make money. Others want to change society for the better. Social entrepreneurs want to do both. But in the Darwinian world of venture capitalism, convincing investors to compromise on profits for greater social good can be a tough sell. 

Michigan 50 Companies to Watch

L. Brooks Patterson honors Michigan's 50 Companies to Watch

Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson honored nine local businesses for being named among “Michigan 50 Companies to Watch.”

L. Brooks Patterson at the Oakland County Animal Control & Pet Adoption Center

The Oakland County Pet Adoption Center wants to find permanent homes for 2,014 pets this summer

The Oakland County Animal Control and Pet Adoption Center has an ambitious goal this summer: to adopt out 2,014 animals during the months of June, July, and August. Their "2014 in 2014" campaign is part of their participation in the $100K Challenge presented by the ASPCA and Rachael Ray.

Auburn Hills

Auburn Hills is One Stop Ready for new development

As one of Oakland County's participating One Stop Ready communities, which aims at streamlining the development process, Auburn Hills knows all too well how important it is to court new development and foster good relationships with existing businesses. A new 21+ acre development at a long-vacant site underscores their efforts at attracting development and retaining businesses. 
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